Feel Good

This song from Lira is everything!

I just wanna feel good everyday
I wanna wear smile upon my face
I wanna feel the joys of the day
I wanna feel allright in every moment
Said I won’t wast time on feeling blue
I won’t waste time on things I can not change
I’m gonna live these days as best as I can
Doing everything that feels right

Singing la la la lala la

I wanna hear the laughter of a child
I wanna fell the hug from a loving friend
I wanna hear “I love you” every now and then
I wanna show somebody that I care
Cause feeling good is a choice that we all make
Just like a smile is a small effort you make
I love to feel the nudeness of a brand new day
Happy to be allright today


This is what we all want to feel as HR professionals, no? We want to feel good about our work and the people we help even when they don’t know we are helping. Which means we often feel underappreciated and, in some environments, abused would not be too strong of an adjective.

We aim to be transparent yet our work is confidential which by definition is NOT transparent. The lack of complete transparency leads to suspicion about our motives and the continual questioning of our decisions and decision making process.

So that’s who we are. We are sounding boards. Part therapist. Part cop. Part supercalafragilistic… A little bit of everything.

It’s depleting and, like parents, if we are not careful we can lose ourselves in the process. The non-stop quest to be the ultimate professional mastering the delicate balance of employee advocate and organizational risk averter! Ok, that’s a bit melodramatic. But truthfully, it does feel like a constant tug of war.

So just choose to Feel Good today.

Cause feeling good is a choice that we all make


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