There is no passion to be found in playing small; in settling for a life less than you are capable of living ~ Nelson Mandela

I recently did a TEDx Talk.  It awakened in me something I’d forgotten… My love of the stage.  I’ve genuinely already forgotten at least 1/3 of those 15 minutes because I was just flowing.  I do mean flowing.  I remember nailing the voice inflections, the body language, the anger, the reflective moments… all of them.  It truly felt good.

Then I was off-stage and interacting with the audience during intermission. One lady held my hands, visibly shaken, and said, “It’s like we’ve lived parallel lives. Your story is so much like my story.”

It was in that moment, that TEDx moment, I realized, that my voice was a gift and I needed to share the gift and use the gift responsibly.

While I was feeling great, someone was moved by the story and the way the story was told.  The story resonated with her in a way that she had to talk to me and share what my talk meant to her.

I reflected a lot that weekend. I embraced the idea that I needed to find the core of what drives me. Not what I am good at but rather, what gives me energy.  Public speaking is definitely a love but what is even more compelling is playing a part in changing a life, moving people to action, awakening souls.  It is almost evangelist like without the religious connotation.

Now I’m following my passion full throttle. I want to know where this will take me. I encourage every reader to reflect on what gives you energy. What feels like fun rather than work?

Be courageous. Take that step. Live a life of no regrets.

Ask yourself, what are your strengths, where does your passion lie? Are you living a life that is less than you are capable of living?

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